Unless we know the Client’s requirements, it is impossible for us to estimate a cost of filming. We are often being asked to provide a cost of production on the spot which is something we cannot do without being briefed on the following aspects of the project, such as a date, duration and location of the shoot, the nature of the project (whether it is a commercial, a survey or a public event etc.) and whether any special permits will be required, details of any post production, use of music (licensing) etc. Therefore we offer a free pre-assignment consultation to discuss requirements of your project, all such information will be treated in confidence, before we provide you with a quote.

For assignments within the UK, we will charge travel expenses at a rate of 30p per kilometer. When an accommodation needs to be booked, this will be agreed with the Client prior the event and chargeable. The Client covers related travel expenses and a cost of accommodation if travelling abroad is required.

For corporate shoots, we require 25% deposit to secure the booking and payment terms are 30 days from the date of filming. For wedding booking we require 50% deposit to secure a date and payment terms on the remaining amount is the day of the wedding, the latest.


We are very flexible when it comes to book an aerial filming with us, and with regards to UK weather conditions, we tend to include 1 day either side to accommodate for any adverse weather situations. As the date approaches, we use weather forecast to monitor the weather on the date. Up to 48 hours before the shoot, either PB MOTION or the Client can make the call that the weather will be unsuitable in which circumstances we can re-book the shoot at no extra cost.


In circumstances the shoot cannot be re-scheduled due to the PB Motion commitments, we will discuss any refunds and potential fees with you (the Client). If a job is cancelled due to the Client no longer requiring our services, the deposit will not be refunded and if additional costs have been incurred, these will also have to be met by the Client.