Most modern couples prefer a creative, fun to watch, short wedding trailer in a cinematic style which they can share with their friends and families. With everything from drone shots to detail shots using cranes and sliders, smooth movement gimbal shots following couple’s dance, shallow depth of field focus pulls and slow motion – all professionally captured and edited, PB Motion produce cinematic short films that wedding couples love and share around.

We invest in best equipment to capture the essence of the day and we pay special attention to capturing a high-quality audio of speeches and wedding vows, and we use state-of-art wireless microphones and audio recorders to achieve the best sound quality to make beautiful wedding films.

We would like to meet you to discuss your vision of your perfect day and how we can help you to achieve the best results. Some couples might have an idea of a theme or a special location to feature in their film and we are there to help you to realize your dreams and capture those memories.

Weddings are fast-paced events, often shot in a very low light but we have fast lenses and cinematic lighting and an expertise to overcome the challenge. At the end of the day, it is not our kit but our creative vision in delivering beautiful, storytelling films which sets us apart from other wedding videographers.

What couples, whose weddings we shot, say about us

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