Video Production

From web and social media podcasts to high definition promotional films, we can produce high quality audio-video content. We provide a full video service for your events, from recording to post-production in a format ready for broadcast. We have experience in covering live public events such as concerts, theater performances and private functions like corporate dinners and weddings.

Bespoke Video Production

Capture your special movement by PB Motion


The cost of a video project depends on many variables such as: Location Duration of recording Crew and number of operators Project specific requirements Post-production complexity including any graphics, music or voice-over Therefore when requesting a quote please include as much detail as possible about your project to help us to come us with an accurate quote and advise you on a realistic budget needed for your project to be successfully completed to the highest possible standard.
It is advisable to contact us as early as possible. Most of the recordings will require some set-up time or a prior visit to a venue and sometimes we would like to be present at a rehearsal in order to be able to test the sound and lighting levels available. Post-production time should also be considered. We will set out timescales with you once we have a clear schedule for the event.

Copyright and permissions: If your event includes photographic, video or music material, you must ensure that you own the copyright or have appropriate written permission from the copyright owner. When you want to use recorded material publicly please make sure you have the permission of all people being recorded to avoid pitfalls of you not being able to use the material filmed. To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you will need to obtain an active consent (model release) from participants of your event to be photographed/filmed. You need to make sure that anyone included confirm their consent. The right to object will be implemented by a notice stating an event will be recorded and that those who bject to being filmed, should make themselves known to a member of the crew. Best practice is to reserve an area that is not in a shot so the objectors are not excluded from the event.